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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

tis the seasonDear Friends,

Consider this—right now in the U.S., one in 32 Black women will be infected with HIV in her lifetime.  In the poorest neighborhoods in D.C., 12% of Black women are living with HIV.

Imagine your daughter, sister, or mother facing such odds—it’s a staggering thought.

You can help change these statistics.

So much is changing in the health care landscape and with HIV funding. The lingering effects of the economic crisis and the fact that AIDS is no longer in the public spotlight make it is increasingly difficult to garner resources to meet this crisis head on.

At the same time, tremendous strides are being made in prevention, care, and treatment efforts that will ensure an AIDS-free generation and a cure. The tide is growing, and now more than ever, our mission to ensure low-income women and girls receive life-saving prevention, care, and support services is vital to the health of our community.

You can help ensure that women and girls are part of this hopeful picture.

HIV is different from other diseases. It is shrouded in stigma, secrecy, isolation, discrimination, and shame. We know that low-income Black women and girls in D.C. face many challenging issues day-to-day, and we believe that poor health and HIV infection should not be among them.

At The Women’s Collective, we believe low-income women and girls deserve better. We know what is needed because we are women whose lives parallel to those we serve.  When you support TWC, you help low-income women and girls access critical care and find the resources they need to live healthy lives. You also enable us to advocate with women for their health and human rights.

Barbara’s story is a powerful illustration of our mission. As a woman living with HIV she felt isolated, was trapped in a violent relationship, and was unable to speak about her status. After joining TWC and our Positive Leaders Uplifting Sisters (PLUS+) Network, Barbara is advocating not only for herself but for other women. Barbara sums it up like this,

"All these years, I thought the abuse was normal. I never knew until I came to The Women's Collective that this wasn't normal and that I didn't deserve to live like this. So, I got up, packed up and I left... I now realize that I have rights. That I have rights for fair housing and good medical treatment and the right to not have to deal with domestic violence… I am ready to start my new life!"

You can ensure that women and girls do not live a life in isolation but rather, become connected, supported, and empowered to take control of their health.

You can help by donating to The Women’s Collective at Network for Good or via the Catalogue for Philanthropy. You can send a check directly to TWC or you can give via the United Way (#9866) or Combined Federal Campaign (#62428).

You can also help by sharing our request this holiday by inviting your friends and family to support The Women’s Collective. The passion you feel for our work when shared can generate a wider circle of change.

With profound gratitude,
Patricia Nalls
Founder and Executive Director

From all of us at The Women's Collective we wish you a wonderful holiday season
and a bright New Year full of joy and good health!

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