DC Community Coalition (DCC) Policy Platform

iac town hall prepAIDS 2012 marked the first time in over 20 years that the International Conference on AIDS (AIDS 2012), the leading conference for people working on the issue, was hosted by a US city. It highlighted a significant achievement in public health and human rights for people living with HIV. The conference had previously been boycotted the US because of an unjust law that failed to allow persons living with HIV entry in the country.

The DC Community Coalition for the International Conference on AIDS (DCC) prepared for AIDS 2012 with a series of Town Hall Meetings. These meetings were designed to gain community input on the development of DC’s Policy Agenda for the conference. The purpose of the agenda was to inform the visiting world of the issues affecting the HIV epidemic in DC. The DC Policy Agenda tells DC’s story and sets the plan from the perspective of the community.

On June 21, 2012, a crowd comprised largely of women of color participated in TWC’s Town Hall. The discussion ranged from ways we can improve our prevention services to creating better relationships between people living with HIV and their doctors.