Health Care Access

As an organization dedicated to providing health supportive and direct services for women affected by HIV, ensuring access to quality health care is of paramount concern to The Women’s Collective.  HIV/AIDS disproportionately impacts African Americans; ensuring that there is universal access to quality health care regardless of race, class, or gender is a key part of addressing health disparities.  Health care access – including increased access to culturally competent care and treatment as well as screenings, tests, and preventative measures like Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) – is essential for individual health and to decrease likelihood of HIV infection.  Communities who have access to screening and testing for STIs and HIV will also be quickly linked to treatment options, encouraged to enter and stay in care, and have a greater likelihood for positive health outcomes.

We support:

  • Universal access to affordable, high quality public and private health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other programs
  • Equitable drug formularies that ensure that medications for chronic health conditions, such as HIV/AIDS, are not inaccessible due to high cost
  • Available, accessible, and affordable mental health and substance abuse treatment programs
  • Fully funding the Ryan White Care Program, which enables patients to attend medical appointments and access prescription drugs by providing supportive services such as child care and transportation assistance
  • Clinical trials that represent all vulnerable populations, including women
  • Collaboration and communication between medical providers and medical case managers
  • Increased availability of and access to screenings for STIs and chronic health conditions, including HIV/AIDS
  • Access to high-quality, culturally competent care
  • Increased availability of harm reduction services, including syringe exchange

Our Approach

  • Engaging and educating PLUS+ (Positive Leaders Uplifting Sisters) network to engage and educate lawmakers and policymakers.
  • Collaborating with the Federal AIDS Policy Partnership as part of the Ryan White Work Group and the HIV Health Care Access Work Group, the 30 for 30 Campaign, the U.S. Positive Women’s Network (PWN).
  • Participating in the Washington Metropolitan Regional Services Planning Council (Ryan White Planning Council).