The Women’s Collective is committed to ensuring access to safe, affordable, and stable housing for all.  Many clients at The Women’s Collective lack access to appropriate housing – many are living at shelters, on waiting lists, or searching for safe and affordable housing that will accept vouchers.  Lack of safe, quality, affordable housing poses an even greater issue for people living with HIV/AIDS, and for women in particular.  It is more difficult for women to make and attend appointments with their medical providers or medical case managers, and to obtain and store their medication, or to keep up with their treatment regimens when they are searching for stable housing for themselves and their families.  Access to safe, stable, and adequate has a huge impact on health outcomes.

We Support:

  • Ensuring that Housing Choice vouchers and Local Rent Supplement Program vouchers are fully and appropriately funded
  • A year-round right to shelter for homeless families
  • Fully funding the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) program
  • Increasing the availability of affordable housing for women and families
  • Securing access to housing designated for women living with HIV/AIDS and their families
  • Supporting cultural competency and non-discriminatory practices for housing providers

Our Approach

  • Engaging and educating PLUS+ (Positive Leaders Uplifting Sisters) network to engage and educate lawmakers and policymakers.
  • Collaborating with the Fair Budget Coalition and National HIV/AIDS Housing Coalition.