PLUS Network

plus log largeWhile TWC is well positioned to represent the voices of women of color affected by HIV/AIDS, we are not satisfied to be the “token” women’s organization, or for our Executive Director, Patricia Nalls, to be the “token” HIV positive woman, testifying in places of influence and at decision-making tables.  We believe training women living with HIV/AIDS and their service providers to be self-advocates is the primary way that systems of inequality and social injustices will be improved. 

An integral part of these efforts to raise the voices of HIV positive women includes facilitating the growth and visibility of the Positive Leaders Uplifting Sisters (PLUS) Network—a cadre of women living with HIV/AIDS who organize and strategize around policy activities, create and respond to advocacy and training initiatives, and collectively raise their voices on wide-ranging issues that affect their lives, health, potential, and communities. 

Our efforts to create self-advocates include:

  •  Empowerment
  • Skills Building
  • Education & Outreach
  • Social Networking
  • Policy & Advocacy


Take a moment to check out the PLUS Network newsletters; written by PLUS members!

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