Medical Case Management

Are you a woman living with HIV/AIDS?

If the answer is yes and you are in need of support in getting into and remaining in care, we are here for you! Our medical case management program is designed to support you in stabilizing your health, making peer connections, and improving your quality of life.

Our medical case management (MCM) program targets women living with HIV/AIDS, ages 18+, residing in D.C., with emphasis on women who are newly diagnosed and those who have been out of a system of care. We have served women and their families in D.C. from all Wards of the city with quality, peer-based, women-focused, and family-centered MCM services, which is the core of our comprehensive care management program.

We strive to enhance women’s knowledge and ability in navigating HIV disease, increasingly complex medical systems and treatment regimens. In order to improve access and reduce barriers to care and services we facilitate client linkages through a variety of means. For example, we provide transportation assistance so women can attend vital doctor’s appointments or access other programs and services. More importantly, our program connects women to peer support that normalizes women’s fears and lets them know they are not alone.

We aim to strengthen women’s sense of self esteem and self-perceived support system, which improves women’s continued engagement in medical care and treatment. We provide myriad skills-building opportunities to enhance women’s knowledge of health and wellness on subjects that improve their overall health and quality of life.

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