Prevention with Positives

Our prevention with positives (PWP) program offers women living with HIV/AIDS individual and group level opportunities to address their health and wellness and increase their knowledge and skills for living healthy lives. The PWP program is designed to provide women with information, skills, and strategies that will enhance the quality of their lives and, specifically, encourage the adoption of safer-sex behaviors to prevention sexually transmitted disease (STD) transmission and HIV re-infection. It combines several interventions that seek to focus on motivating change of risky behaviors and continuance of protective behaviors.

1.) Comprehensive Risk Counseling and Services (CRCS) is a 5-session individual intervention aimed at working with women one-on-one in support of healthy behaviors that put them at risk for co-infection, re-infection, other STD infections, and negatively impact their ability to adopt and maintain safer sexual, drug using, and medical adherence behaviors.

2.) Women Involved in Life Learning from Other Women (WILLOW) is a 4-session small group-level social skills building and educational intervention for women who have known their status for at least 6 months. It focuses on the development of skills, positive expectation, and building self-efficacy about new behaviors through modeling behaviors and practicing new skills. WILLOW explores gender-based power differences in male-female relationships such as the division of labor and the distribution of power between men and women in relationships.

3.) Living the Face of Trauma (LIFT) is a small group level intervention for coping with HIV, trauma, and substance use that focuses on improving the coping abilities of women who are living with HIV and have a history of childhood sexual abuse. LIFT promotes better health protective decision-making with the goals of reducing the symptoms of traumatic stress and the risk of transmitting HIV, as well as the risk for substance abuse.

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