Community Health Workers

pp barAre you a woman living with HIV/AIDS and are experiencing challenges in getting to the doctors? Is it difficult for you to remember to take your medications? Are you unsure how to find the health care resources you need? Are you isolated and alone?

If any of these are true for you we are here to help!

Positive Pathways, a project of The Washington AIDS Partnership, assists HIV-positive African Americans to participate in HIV medical care and supportive safety net services, with a particular focus on women and their partners. Through a network of 12 trained peer Community Health Workers (CHWs) placed in community, primary care, and managed care settings, Positive Pathways works to support program participants to take full advantage of HIV medical care and other community services to improve their health and quality of life.

CHWs utilize their unique position to address barriers to care that can present challenges for other medical professionals. These professionals are frontline health workers and trusted members of the DC community, connecting individuals with HIV medical care and social service services. CHWs provide trust-based information and education; help clients overcome fear, denial, and stigma; conduct outreach and support in the community; take the time to walk clients through the often overwhelming healthcare system; and help clients strategize to manage the logistics of caring for oneself in the context of a sometimes complicated life.

sabrinaMeet our CHW!

Would you like to learn more? Contact Sabrina Heard, Community Health Worker

Read more about the Positive Pathways program in our brochure, below.