Activating Leadership: PLUS Network to Attend AIDSWatch

Monday, March 31, 2014

EILEEN FISHERWe believe training women living with HIV/AIDS to be self-advocates is the primary way that systems of inequality and social injustices are changed for the better.  An integral part of these efforts to raise the voices of HIV positive women includes facilitating their leadership capacity via the Positive Leaders Uplifting Sisters (PLUS) Network—a cadre of women living with HIV/AIDS who organize and strategize around policy activities, create and respond to advocacy and training initiatives, and collectively raise their voices on wide-ranging issues that affect their lives, health, potential, and communities.

With investment from EILEEN FISHER through its Activating Leadership Grant Program for Women and Girls, PLUS is creating effective leaders who have the potential to make a difference. Women are receiving training, sharing information, and are literally activating their leadership on a range of intersectional issues. One way PLUS members will be doing this in April 2014 is to attend AIDSWatch.

A partnership of Treatment Access Expansion Project, AIDS United and the US People Living with HIV Caucus, AIDSWatch draws hundreds of HIV-positive advocates and their allies to Washington DC to educate Members of Congress and their staff about HIV/AIDS.

The two-day event begins with a training on Monday, April 28 to prepare attendees for visits with their members of Congress. The training will provide resources, talking points, and answers to questions that Congressional staffers may have about programs related to people living with HIV/AIDS. The Positive Leadership Award Reception follows that evening and is a time to recognize outstanding leadership and service to people living with HIV. Meetings with Congressional offices will take place throughout the day on Tuesday, April 29, and will be scheduled by regional/state coordinators.

All participants are provided with training on:

  • current science
  • legislative agendas
  • conducting effective meetings with their elected representatives

We encourage women to join us in advocating for our community at AIDSWatch. TWC's Policy and Advocacy staff are available to help women to register. If you have any questions please contact Sara at 202.483.7003.

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