Prevention to Care Continuum

We know the importance of having individuals who test HIV positive effectively linked to care at the moment of diagnosis. For women this is particularly true as data shows that women are often late testers and progress to AIDS faster.

In order to turn the tide for women we deploy community health workers to engage and support women on the road to managing complex medical and treatment regimens with the goal of stablizing their health, improving health outcomes, and developing support systems so that women remain in care.

If you are a woman or girl living with HIV/AIDS and are in need of assistance and support, contact Sabrina Heard, Community Health Worker. She is here to assist you!sabrina

Our prevention to care continuum addresses the social determinants of health and health disparities faced by women and girls with a system of care the includes innovative programming that maximizes dwindling resource, utilizes highly trained staff, leverages the power of peer support, utilizes wrap-around services, and ensures policy addresses barriers at a systemic level.

 We have a demonstrated history of moving women and girls from prevention to care that has successfully supported and empowered hundreds of women and girls for over 20 years.