Test & Link to Care Services

We encourage all women and girls ages 13+ to know their HIV status by offering women-centered HIV 101 education, a variety of safe sex resources, and FREE and confidential HIV testing services. We believe that early detection of HIV infection is extremely important in ensuring long, healthy lives of persons living with HIV. This allows women to get into care and treatment early, when it is most beneficial.

For women who may be pregnant, early detection of HIV infection and entry into care can help to prevent the transmission of the virus to their babies. For women who test HIV negative, we encourage the maintenance of safe sex behaviors, use of safe sex resources, and support a woman’s ability to strengthen and/or create effective strategies for preventing HIV infection over her lifespan.

Walk-in to our office at 1331 Rhode Island Ave., NE, (in the Brentwood Village Shopping center) Monday through Friday from 9 am - 5 pm for your FREE HIV test, safer sex brochures, condoms and other informational resources.

Our Test & Link to Care services include:

  • FREE and confidential testing
  • CDC trained HIV prevention counselors
  • Ora Quick Advance rapid HIV testing
  • Women-focused counseling and referral services
  • Travel tokens to enable clients to access free testing and/or return for their results
  • On site case-management and support services for women who test HIV positive
  • On site comprehensive risk counseling and services for women who test HIV negative
  • No appointment is necessary to receive services at the agency’s office
  • Compassionate, peer-based environment tailored to the needs of women and girls

We also test in the community aboard our mobile unit, at community events and health fairs, and at select community partner sites.

juneVisit the EVENTS section of our website to find out where and when.

Would you like to learn more? Contact June Pollydore, Test & Link to Care Program Coordinator