HIV Advocates: We've Got to #KillThisBill!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

23 million people could lose insurance!

Details of the Senate version of the AHCA are scarce, but what little we do know does not bode well for people living with and affected by HIV. As it stands now, the Senate version of the AHCA would still prioritize tax cuts for the rich over and would take health insurance from up to 23 million people.

We've got to #KillThisBill. 

We cannot sit idly by and hope disagreements among Republicans will doom the AHCA. Should it pass, the Senate’s American Health Care Act would drastically harm people living with HIV by weakening the quality of millions of Americans’ benefits and leading to the loss of coverage and declining health outcomes. Under the AHCA, people living with HIV only stand to lose.

Tell your Senator that the AHCA is unacceptable!

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