Poverty and Income Disparities

As an organization dedicated to serving women affected by HIV, often women of color and women with low-incomes, ending poverty and income disparities is of paramount concern to The Women’s Collective. Challenges in affordable housing, transportation, and quality health care prevent many women from entering and staying in care, or from remaining adherent to treatment.  For all of these challenges and barriers, poverty is the underlying issue. Ending poverty  is essential to addressing social determinants that impact all aspects of a healthy community.

We support:

  • Safe, effective, and quality educational experiences for all children
  • Increased adult literacy and adult education opportunities
  • Ensuring that job retraining programs and career counseling is available and accessible for women, who often face barriers additional challenges with transportation or childcare arrangements.
  • Raising the minimum wage
  • Securing paid sick leave and paid family leave for part-time and full-time workers
  • Ending employment discrimination
  • Closing the pay gap
  • Fully funding social support programs, including social security and housing assistance, at levels that are attuned to actual costs and inflation.

Our Approach

  • Engaging and educating PLUS+ (Positive Leaders Uplifting Sisters) network to engage and educate lawmakers and policymakers.
  • Collaborating with the Fair Budget Coalition.