Tell Congress to vote NO on HR 7

Monday, January 27, 2014

HR 7 is a sweeping ban on abortion coverage that attempts to interfere with a woman’s personal decision-making process, one that falls hardest on low-income women.

HR 7 would restrict insurance coverage of abortion, putting it out of reach for many women, especially low-income women. This destructive bill interferes with women’s personal decision making and hurts lower-income women the most. According to Amplify, denying coverage of abortion forces one in four women to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term with the number even higher among young women. This type of legislation further erodes our right to make healthy informed choices that are right for us.

If you would like to find out more, join a cause, send a petition, or use social media to show your support to stop HR 7 then the following links will be of interest:


This constant attack on women and our rights jeopardizes more than our health and well being - it jeopardizes the future choices of our daughters and granddaughters. We encourage you to get informed, leverage your networks, and stand up against politicians who believe they have the right to limit your choices!

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