Thank you for your support during AIDS Walk DC 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On October 26 TWC walked the walk to honor women and girls living with and at-risk for HIV and our sisters who have passed from the disease but are not forgotten. TWC particpated thanks to the leadership of new Board member Annette Somerville, and Youth Prevention Program Team Leader, Chantil Thomas.

They brought together TWC Board members, staff, and supporters for an amazing walk! We got lots of great photos that are on our Facebook page and a few are below. Take a moment to view them.

All in all we raised almost $3,000! But it's still not too late to supprt our effort - you can donate through December via AIDS Walk Washington. If you haven't done so already, considering making a contribution towards our goal to ensure women and girls have futures free of HIV by ending AIDS and finding a cure.

smiles walk the walk with eleanor
staff walk pat&marcia supporter
nbc4 supporter 2 finish
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