Three Condoms Rule No More

Monday, March 11, 2013

condom basketCandance Montague, of the, reports on how the advocacy efforts of TWC, HIPS, DC Appleseed, DC Trans CoalitionAIDS United,  and Human Rights Watch combined to clarify a disturbing trend among the DC Police. The police department now says they will not interfere with condom distribution and possession and they support public health efforts. In her article titled, Three Condoms Rule No More, Candace reports that:

"The three condom rule myth has finally been laid to rest by the DC Metropolitan Police. In a press release from The Women's Collective in Northeast, the Police Department has begun to distribute cards that will explain that citizens are allowed to carry as many condoms as they wish in the District. Demands from a local coalition of HIV/AIDS advocates prompted the department to clarify the "rule."

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