The Women’s Collective developed the REGEIS H.E.R. (Help + Empowerment + Resources) program to reduce the number of HIV transmissions in risk adverse communities of Washington DC Wards: 5, 7, 8 and Prince George’s County, MD. We work to provide quality, culturally competent, woman-centered resources to educate and minimize risk-harm outcomes.

Prevention to Care Continuim

The H.E.R. program evaluates best practices or approaches to engage at-risk women of color communities. over 40 years of age. These assessments align with promoting equity, eliminating barriers and improving whole-person health for clients. Our approaches are innovative, inclusive and holistic. The H.E.R. program is a status neutral safe space that promotes education, healing and personal growth, regardless of HIV status.

Test & Link to Care Services

Healthcare Access - HIV and HCV testing by TWC staff and initiate medical therapy as appropriate. Referrals for STI Testing and PrEP at the DC Health Department.

Education and Awareness

The H.E.R. customer experiences a rare sisterhood and kinship that shares and promotes a safe space for self-evaluation, reconciliation and rejuvenation. Women learn that they are not alone on this journey. The program provides education outreach services that empower and enable women to become self-actualizing and self-sustaining such as: PrEP – HIV – Status Neutral – STI/STD Facts Sex and Aging Harm Reduction Menopause and Sex Aging and HIV Mammograms Nutrition Drinking and HIV Community Advisory Board (CAB)

Referrals & Support Services

In accordance with our mission to empower women, we believe in offering options to them for locating the services that best meet their needs.


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